Financial Policy

Our Financing Options

We believe it is important not only to provide the highest quality dental care, but to make this type of care affordable for our patients. We have made arrangements for our patients, which allow payment to be convenient and flexible. Please review the plans listed below. Give some thought to which one may serve you best in meeting your needs. Our financial coordinator will consult with you on specific details to make your obligation comfortable for you.
For treatment under $300.00 we offer:
Cash, Check or Credit Card for full treatment.
Cash, Check or Credit Card for patient estimated portion. (With verification of insurance benefits) *Please note insurance information below.
For treatment over $300.00 we offer:
1. Pay 50% at the beginning of your treatment and the remaining balance before the completion of your treatment.
2. Estimated payment at each visit with cash, check, or credit card. (With most insurance plans, following benefit verification.) *Please note insurance information below.
3. Interest-free payment plan ( for up to 12 months) with no down payment necessary, and extended monthly payment plans (for 24 – 60 months) through Care Credit.
*Note to patients with insurance
We are happy to process any insurance claim as a service to you at no charge. Please keep in mind that any insurance payment estimate that we provide for you is only an estimate, we cannot predict what the insurance company will do, and you are fully responsible for all fees in their entirety. Our fees are not based upon any insurance schedules, and are often above insurance allowances.
We will hold your account open for 60 days after treatment is completed to allow your insurance company to pay us. At the end of 60 days you will be responsible to pay the balance of your account in full.